3 Communication Hacks in Your Workplace – The Checklist

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All of us who hang out in workplaces would benefit from better communication.  Right?  When was the last time you can remember feeling misunderstood in conversation?  If you are like me it used to feel like most days….

Poor Communication can costs business big time, up to 32% of profit.  That is a lot of money down the drain.  Understand the keys to better communication and you can unlock a hidden profit centre in your business.

However, your workplace your business, will only benefit from your staff and team members learning to understand themselves and then others as Communicators and you will be well one your way to improving your Communication and productivity.


Here is your checklist to Better Workplace Communication!  It all starts with understanding self, your Communication DNA.  The you can begin to understand others…..

So, how can you understand your Communication DNA?  If Communication DNA is a new term for you, check out this video specifically about this concept, it will explain it fully for you.

If you are interested in taking the DNA test then get in contact with us.


In 2015 Forbes magazine released research that detailed how we can see leadership based on 3 basic communication skills.  These skills are how to Ask, Listen and Tell.

Leaders that have all 3 skills are seen by 88% of staff to be exceptional, whereas, Leaders with any one of these communication skills are seen by only 3% of staff as exceptional.

Here is your checklist to mastering these 3 communication hacks that will ensure you become a Master at Communication.

o Develop the ability to Ask.

To ask is to communicate your needs and to clarify the needs of others.  Asking means you are not guessing but gaining clarity.  Basically it is speaking to gain more information.

Many workplaces are filled with people that assume rather than ask.  Assumption is very dangerous and will quickly take you down a dangerous road.

Each of the four communication styles copes with this skill differently.  The more reserved styles of the Perfectionist and the Patient Communicators are more natural askers.


o Learn the skill of Listening

To listen is to stop speaking, be present and take in information both verbal and non-verbal that is coming from the person you are communicating with.

Each of the four communication styles copes with this skill differently.  The more reserved styles of the Perfectionist and the Patient Communicators are more natural listeners.

Listening is a rare skill, many people speak rather than listening.  Listening is crucial to your communication.  It allows you to understand where someone else is at; you gain understanding and clarity.

o Become great at Telling.

To tell is to share your idea, share with people your needs, or direct people.  Many people do not feel comfortable to “tell” as they feel it is too direct and confrontational.  However, this is all in the delivery.

Many people fear Telling as it is seen as confrontational.  The opposite is not telling and making people guess your needs.  This is as dangerous as assuming.  When you can master Telling people your needs in a way that is seen as informative rather than confrontational you are well on the way to becoming an exceptional communicator.

Each of the four communication styles copes with this skill differently.  The more outgoing styles of the Powerful and the Playful Communicators are more natural tellers.

These three skills are essential to you becoming a more confident Communicator and taking your communication to the next level.


If you would like to understand yourself as a Communicator and learn your strengths then perhaps you may like to read The Enlightened Communicator, available for you to review at your own pace.

If you would like to know more about how to learn what your Communication DNA we can work with you to assist you to understand exactly what it is that makes you tick.  We can also help you understand what makes others tick and how to get the best out of your relationships.  Interested? You can get more information here.

You can also get in touch via our website, and Facebook so please join the conversation, we would love to hear from you!


If you are part of a team that struggles with these skills then reach out and see how we can tailor a solution for your unique situation.

Until next time, Care Connect and be a Conscious Communicator

Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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