5 Tips to Improve Your Marriage – stop the insanity!

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Relationships are complex!  They are filled with Humans, now can they not be?marriage

We get married to spend the rest of our lives in wedded bliss.  What happens when you look up 2 years later and the person you are married to has morphed into someone who drives you nuts?

The rate of divorce in Australia is close to 50%, but no one stands at the altar and says “I do,” thinking soon they will decide “Oops – no I don’t!”  It does not have to be this way.

Here are my tops tips on better communication in your marriage

# 1: Knowing your intention before you communicate

Intention means purpose, know what you want before you open your mouth. Is it to encourage? To apologise?  To clarify? What is your intention?

 # 2: Give the benefit of the doubt

Kindness is necessary, after all we are all Human, we make mistakes.  Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe they forgot the anniversary of the first time you got take away together.  It doesn’t mean they don’t love you.  Perhaps they have a lot on their plate at the moment.  They need understanding not a lecture or a sulking spouse.

# 3: Stop misinterpretation in its tracks

Creating a safe place to be yourself is necessary in your marriage.  You got married because you felt this person truly understood you.  So don’t stop now!  If you are confused by your partners behavior ask questions, clarify, please do not assume!

# 4: Understand your Communication DNA

Each of us has different styles of communication, this is what I call your Communication DNA.  To learn more about this here

In order understand others you must first understand yourself, what makes you tick, why you do what you do.  Then the next step is to understand your spouse as a Communicator too.  You usually find that you marry your opposite.  This leads to wonderful complimentary traits but can drive you crazy when you don’t understand this.

# 5: Not knowing your own communication style and strength

Each of us has our own unique style and strength as a Communicator.  You may be direct, a natural decision maker, or perhaps you are charming and influencing, perhaps you are a natural listener or maybe you love details and understanding why?

Understanding yourself means you will be really clear on what makes you tick, then you are able to understand what makes other tick.

From here it is possible to create a communication centered marriage that will have love and intimacy soaring and happiness abounding.  If you would like to know how to create this type of marriage then get in touch here.  Don’t put it off, you deserve to experience better communication.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Conscious Communicator

Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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