Skills and Strengths

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Do you know your skills and strengths?

This is a step that most people miss out.  Usually we are not taught what our strengths are, more likely what we are really bad at.

In a job seeking situation you need to be able to communicate really clearly what your strengths are.  So what are they?

  • Are you a great decision maker?
  • Are you excellent with customers?
  • Are you are a great listener?
  • Are you excellent at organising?

If you would like to know more about your strengths so you can understand yourself and then communicate your strengths to others then why not find out.  For $59.00 you can take a quick questionnaire and find out which communication style you are.  Click here to proceed with the payment and then complete the questionnaire.

Once you know more about which communication style thou are you will then be sent more information about this particular style which will outline more details and give you further insight into you unique communication style.

Also for Just Mechanic Job clients we have 3 Special Packages.
PACKAGE 1 – for $99.00 this package includes us write your Resume and your Application Letter.  This package is designed for people who just need basic assistance is getting themselves ready to apply for the job they always wanted, or
PACKAGE 2 – for $119.00 this package includes us write your Resume and your Application Letter as well and includes Interview Q and A Blueprint.  This package valued at $142.00 but is yours for just $119.00.  This package is designed for people who want/need a bit more preparation in assisting them get ready to apply and prepare for their dream job, or
PACKAGE 3 – for $147.00 this package includes us write your Resume, your Application Letter, the Interview Q and A Blueprint as well as the Skills & Strengths questionnaire.  This package is valued $201.00 but is your for $147.00.  This package is designed to get you totally ready for that Job Interview.