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Playful and Influencing Communicators

My passion is teaching people how to communicate authentically and effectively in any situation.

Last time we spoke about Powerful Communicators, today we will talk about playful, Influencing communicators.  Man these guys can talk! The influencing style is one that is warm, fun and engaging.  These guys are all about relationship and having fun.  If you know someone with this style they can range from warm and friendly to zany and the life of the party. strug

This style does not care so much for organisation, rules, processes, work – it is simply not colourful or fun enough.  As you can imagine, if you work with this style and don’t understand them, you could be having some frustrations.  These guys are very good at motivating and energising people to do the work, not necessarily doing the work themselves.  They can be easily distracted by something that is bright and shiny!

I am surrounded by the influencing style, I think it is because I am so driven and full of order and work that I need help to lighten up.  My son is a high “I” and he will often grab me when I am in the middle of working just to tell me a joke or get me to watch a silly cartoon.  He brings so much laughter into my life.

As you may imagine if I am focused and trying to get work done I can get quite frustrated with his attempts at humour.  However, I have since grown to appreciate the colour and life that he brings to our relationship, without his humour breaks it would be all work and no play!

When this style is understood they make such great friends and teammates, when misunderstood they can seem selfish and self-centered.  Like all of the styles we need to understand the differences and work on how we can best unite to bring out the best in all of us.  We all bring something special and unique to the work and home environment.

If you are a playful communicator and are struggling checkout our resources page or contact us with your specific questions.  For training to learn more about your style and how to get the most out of your relationships then get in touch.

If you would love to understand yourself or others more, see what makes them tick and learn about your Communication DNA.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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