Ever Felt Misunderstood?
An honest guide to Better Communication.
This easy to read book will help you understand yourself as a Communicator and then begin to understand others.

About the Author - Kylie Warry - Author, Speaker and Team Expert.
Kylie has been helping Business, Teams and Individuals to become more effective Communicators for more than 15 years. She helps you to understand your own Communication style, understand your strengths and overcome your unique challenges. She believes that understanding yourself is the best gift you can give yourself and is critical to happier and healthier relationships.
Communication is cornerstone to all of your relationships, but how many of us have actually been taught how to Communicate well?
This is not taught in schools, in fact we usually learn from the people around us. How you explain your feelings, deal with stress, communicate when frustrated, deal with problems, connect with someone different from you. This book is a great introduction to understanding yourself as a Communicator, from there you can begin to undertsand others in your world and build stronger, healthy connections.

If you have ever;
  • Felt misunderstood
  •  Not been able to say what you mean 
  •  Felt stuck because you struggle to say "No" 
  •  Been told you are a bully and you don't agree 
  •  Felt afraid of difficult conversations or people 
  •  Felt frustrated by someone else's actions

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!! You are not alone.... You can learn what makes you tick and what makes others do what they do. Let's take some of the "Guesswork" out of your relationships.
" This book helped me to understand myself and my Husband. We were fighting alot and the tension was growing. We had only been married a little over a year! Now I understand our differences and our strengths. I can honestly say we are happier now than ever before."
Now Happily Married
" This book helped me to understand my staff in a whole new light. I had no idea how different we all were and how much I was adding to the problem by being to Direct and Pushy. :earning what their needs were made me a much better Leader. "
Catholic Care NSW 
An Honest Guide to Better