Top 5 next level communication skills – The Checklist

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So you would consider your self a competent and confident communicator?  You know your communication DNA, and can recognize the preferences of someone else.  You can then adapt to meet their needs in conversation.

That’s great, I sincerely applaud you, and this is no mean feat.  Well done!  I am sure everyone in your world appreciates your wonderful skills.

But wait there’s more; unfortunately in life and in communication we never arrive.  There is always more to understand, learn and grow into.

My top 5 next level communication skills are;

  • Communicating under stress

Stress actually causes most people to become really poor communicators.  The way through this is to know yourself and your stress signs so you can work through them effectively.  Then you need to be able to work through someone else’s stress signs

  • Communicating during conflict

You may be confident to communicate through conflict but what about the person or team you are working with?  What if they are avoiding the conflict or are fearful, what do you do then?

  • Giving encouragement

It is critical that you understand the needs of the person you are providing encouragement to.  If you don’t you may actually do more damage.  For example most people give encouragement in the way they prefer – ie you love to be noticed, to be recognized, all the bells and whistles.  What if the person you are giving encouragement to is a private person who prefers a quiet one on one?   You may just have mortified them.

  • Rebuilding trust

If trust has been broken it can be tricky to get back.  It is also something that cannot be forced but must be invited.  The best thing you can do is create a healthy environment where you may be invited to build trust again in that relationship

  • Communicating in leadership

Communication is an essential skill in leadership.  It is necessary to understand your own Communication style and then how to bring out the best in others, how to inspire, to motivate, encourage, teach, based on the individual needs of those you are leading.

If you would like to develop any of these next level communication skills, reach out to see if we can be of assistance.  For support to learn more about your next level skills and how to get the most out of your communication get in touch.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Conscious Communicator

Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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