Why does that person drive me crazy???

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“Why does that person drive me crazy?”  This is a common question I get asked as a Trainer, Speaker and Mentor, there are others too.  I often get other questions like, “Why do they do things like that?  The right way to do this is….  The best way to do this is…….  If you knew what you were doing you would do it this way…..”  Many of you work in environments that require you to work with other people.

These people are very different to you, yes?  Have you ever stopped to think that this can actually be an opportunity to unite and conquer, rather than separate and destroy?

When dealing with others you may have felt misunderstood, ignored, judged, hurt by the response of others, or just confused.  All of these experiences hurt.  Really hurt.  Each time you are hurt you are more likely to recoil and not try again.

Slowly but surely a gap forms.  At Teamology we call it a “Communication Gap.”  This gaps grows and becomes harder and harder to close.  Soon you may feel unsure of how to connect with certain people, fearing a similar outcome.  You may avoid certain people or situations at work.  Perhaps you are not progressing through the ranks or accepting more responsibility due to this fear.   Perhaps you just don’t know how to say ‘No” and the stress is piling up.

You are living beneath your potential!

Did you know, that every person has their own set of strengths.  Yes they do things differently to you and this can be challenging.  However you do need to be able to work well with others.  How would you like to be able to see this problem in a different light?  Would it be helpful to be able to work more efficiently and enjoyably with others in your team?

If you are a Manager would be help if you could bring out the best in each of your staff even though they are all so different?  A one size fits all approach really does not work anymore.  It never really did…….So what do you do?  Imagine if you knew how to easily and effortlessly bring out the best in your team?  It is possible.

If you are struggling with others at work, in your team or in your personal world, there is no doubt this is a really hard place to be.

How would you like to know what makes others tick, why they do what they do?  Additionally how would you like to know how to use these strengths to improve your relationships??  Or get better results??

Amazing huh?  It’s so easy to do, you just first need to understand yourself and how to get the most from your strengths.  If you can relate to this and would like to know what you can do please check out our website for resources, training and encouragement.  You deserve to get that promotion, that new job, more responsibility, to be able to speak up and to say ‘No”.

At Teamology we are completely committed to your success so join us and learn more about your strengths as a communicator and maximise your unique potential.  Please share this with anyone you feel may be encouraged or may need some support.  Check us out on Facebook if you haven’t already and join our encouraging community.  We are also hosting an event in the next few weeks that we will share soon.. So watch this space!

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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