Are You An Enlightened Communicator?

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“Enlightened” means to be aware of and to have a good understanding of a subject. So for the purposes of this discussion and Enlightened Communicator has a good understanding of their own communication strengths, needs and also areas of challenge.

An Enlightened Communicator can also put themselves into someone else’s shoes and see things from the other person’s perspective, which is necessary in tricky or difcult conversations or when there is a Communication Gap.

Are you an Enlightened Communicator?  Lets see…..

Do you know your Preferred Communication style? Y N
Are you able to determine someone else’s communication style? Y N
Do you adapt your message to your listener? Y N
Do you know your strengths as a Communicator? Y N
Can you identify your listener’s communication strengths? Y N
Do you know your blind spots in Communication? Y N
Do you know how to work with someone else’s communication blind spots? Y N

The more times you answer Yes the more Enlightened you are. There is absolutely no benefit to you not being untruthful to yourself here. If there are areas you struggle with then you can learn more about those areas to improve your communication skills. We ofer help and support for each of these areas of Communication strengths and blindspots. If you would like to know more, book a free 15 minute Discovery session or have some one on one Coaching then contact us at click here to send us an email or Call 1300 707 481.

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