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Are you ready to nail the interview?  Interviews can be really confronting.  It is a high pressure environment.  You need to perform.  Unfortunately some of you get really nervous to the point where you aren’t able to be yourself!

You need to be able to get those nerves under control.  The easiest way is to do some slow deep breathing.  No one will even know what you are up to!  Breath in so your belly expands, you want to breath deep, and breath in for 4 , hold for 4 and breath out for 6.  It will feel weird at first but you will get over that, this really works.

I always encourage people to take a copy of their Resume with them in a lovely schmick black folder.  This is your cheat sheet.  If you cannot remember things due to your nerves look at your Resume.

Write down the questions you want to ask and have them there to read if you need.

Be able to communicate your strengths.

Know how to talk about your successes in examples.  Real examples, remember they will be checking up.  “When I worked for Smith and Sons, I was so great with the customers we grew by 20% just through people sending their friends to us.”

You need to be honest about any information that may affect your ability to work, whether it’s a criminal conviction, an injury that you need to be careful with etc.  Not disclosing this can land you in hot water, so be honest.

If you have some tricky things you are not sure how to disclose or bring up (like an injury, unemployment or criminal record, then feel free to get our help by making a time for us to give you a call.  Click here to reserve your time.

If you would like the interview Q and A Blueprint with the types of questions you might get with suggestions then click here and for $39.00 we will send you a copy of the blueprint.

Also for Just Mechanic Job clients we have 3 Special Packages.
PACKAGE 1 – for $99.00 this package includes us write your Resume and your Application Letter.  This package is designed for people who just need basic assistance is getting themselves ready to apply for the job they always wanted, or
PACKAGE 2 – for $119.00 this package includes us write your Resume and your Application Letter as well and includes Interview Q and A Blueprint.  This package valued at $142.00 but is yours for just $119.00.  This package is designed for people who want/need a bit more preparation in assisting them get ready to apply and prepare for their dream job, or
PACKAGE 3 – for $147.00 this package includes us write your Resume, your Application Letter, the Interview Q and A Blueprint as well as the Skills & Strengths questionnaire.  This package is valued $201.00 but is your for $147.00.  This package is designed to get you totally ready for that Job Interview.