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"I never realised that my team all communicate so differently, this training has raised my awareness and understanding of other staff in my team – thank you

J Errey Catholic Care (NSW) 26th March, 2014

"I learned today that through my communication I have been unintentionally disrespecting my colleague.  That was never my intention and  I am so glad I have now realised this and learned better ways to work together with him”

N Antoinette Business Development Manager Univar Australia 26th March, 2014

"Thanks so much for your training today Kylie, it has really helped our Volunteer Managers to understand more about how to best work with people and get the most out of the volunteer relationship”

Simon Stroud Manager Visitor Experiences
 Education Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW) 15th April, 2014

"I've just finished training with Kylie on team communication.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I really didn't realise how many different things you had to consider when your putting a team together and now I know ALL THIS IS GOING TO WORK FOR ME.  It's fantastic. Thank you so much for the opportunity for doing your workshop today”

Monique Kinerson Human Resources Manager Sydney (NSW) 15th April, 2014

"I attended a session with Kylie on communication.  Her style was dynamic, interactive, she really made the learning stick.  I can now go back to my team and utilise what I have learned today with Kylie”

Chantelle Mourad Human Resources Manager Sydney (NSW) 15th April, 2014