How To Disagree With Respect

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All of us who hang out in workplaces would benefit from better communication.  Right?  When was the last time you can remember feeling misunderstood in conversation?  If you are like me it used to feel like most days….

How about respect?  Respect s all about having and showing regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.  Having different needs as a Communicator can by default mean you come across as being disrespectful.

With Poor Communication costing business big time, up to 32% of profit.  That is a lot of money down the drain.  Understand the keys to better communication, knowing how to respect others and you can unlock a hidden profit centre in your business.

Each person in your workplace has a different Communication DNA, or different needs as a Communicator.

If Communication DNA is a new term for you, check out this video specifically about this concept, it will explain it fully for you.

If you are interested in taking the DNA test then get in contact with us.


Just to make it interesting, respect means different things to each Communication DNA style for example;

The Powerful Communicator is driven like to take control, they are seen as a driver and is motivated by results.  Respect for them means listening while they talk and not interrupting them.  They love to have input and a challenge.

 The Playful Communicator tells stories is distracted and gets easily bored. They are story tellers, use many words to explain a quick point, and are seen as a talker. They need to be liked.  Respect for these guys means listening and laughing at their stories.  They love space to be creative and energetic.

 The Patient Communicator is quiet, agrees even if they don’t agree, and will not get involved in any perceived conflict, they are seen as a observer.  They crave harmony.  To show respect it is about listening, not pushing them and giving them time.

 The Perfectionist Communicator is into details, can be outrageously organised loves to do lists and is a neat person.  They are seen as an analyser and need to be Right.  Respect is about not criticising their work, if there is a problem telling them privately and asking them for their opinion and ideas on planning and organising.

However, your workplace your business, will only benefit from your staff and team members learning to understand themselves and then others as Communicators and you will be well one your way to improving your Communication and productivity.

Adding to this how to show each other respect and you will see the team unite like never before.  Disrespect often occurs unintentionally.

For example, a workplace I trained to improve communication had to sales people, one a Powerful man the other Playful.  There was quite a bit of tension between the two and soon it became obvious to me why.

 What was happening was that the Powerful guy would speak and his co-worker the Playful one would get excited and jump in with his ideas.  Inadvertently the Playful Communicator was disrespecting his Powerful Colleague.

When it was made clear that the intention of the Playful guy was to help and that he was excited and wanted to contribute not disrespect then things began to shift in a positive direction.  The key was understanding intentions.  When you can get into someone else’s shoes, you can see the world briefly through their lens.

This is a very powerful way to de personalise any tension and get to the cause of the issue which is usually misunderstanding.  If you would like some help to shift some tense or negative relationships in amore helpful direction then why not consider having some coaching to uncover your Communication DNA, how this shows up for you, what your strengths are and how to adapt to the needs of others.

Are the people you work with motivated by Results? Recognition? Relationship or being Right?  For more information check out the article on Communication DNA

If you would like some help with this process then get in touch.  You and your relationships are worth it, end the confusion now, you will not regret it.

We have coaching programs that can teach you all you need to know about your Communication DNA and how to take your Communication to the next level.

You can also get in touch via our website, and Facebook so please join the conversation, we would love to hear from you!


Until next time, Care Connect and be a Conscious Communicator

Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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