Why is good communication so critical?

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Communication is the cornerstone to all of our relationships.  Whether personal or professional,communication is how we share ideas, let others know our needs and deal with any issues that may arise.  Without communication we cannot connect well with others.  There are may ways that we communicate our ideas, through our words, our actions and our body language.

Each of us shares our opinion clearly through communication but it does not always need to be by words.  A great example of this is the silent treatment!  Think of the last time you were on the receiving end of this behaviour.  Did the message come across to you?  I am not for a moment advocating the silent treatment, I think it is actually a passive aggress way to try and manipulate another person.

I have often wondered how as humans we get along most of the time particularly when most of us are flying blind when it comes to communication.  Stop and think for a second who taught you your communication skills?  For most of is it was our parents.  If you are like me this is a very scary thought.

My Father was not a great communicator, when he spoke it was more of a command rather than a sharing of ideas, at worst it came across as a bully.  My mum on the other hand had a more gentle approach, she did not like to push too much so to get that she needed she used guilt.  What is your way when you need to get your needs met?  lets be honest we all do things that are not nice at times, that are manipulative, that put our needs above others.  We are all human.

The ideas I like to share are around theses issues and to help each of us understand ourselves and others in a way that means we can communicate our needs.

Perhaps you tare wondering why your colleagues won’t approach you or work with you.  You may have even been told to get help. For support and training to learn more about your style and how to get the most out of your relationships visit www.teamology.com.au

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.

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