Your Most Significant Conversation Part 2

Clear-Sense-Of-PurposeLast time you were   introduced to your chatter box.  This is your most significant conversation.  This is the unrelenting chatter that is with you 24/7.  The voice in your head.  If you haven’t read this then check it out here.

This chatter is present for all of us.  No one is without the chatter.  The first and biggest key is to be aware that it is happening.  After your awareness has been raised, it then is all about understanding the chatter box and it’s nature.

As humans we tend to be wired for fear, this comes back to our heritage.  We used to need fear to ensure our survival.  However, fear is no longer our biggest threat, we no longer need to dodge the sabre toothed tiger.

The chatter box is fueled by fear.  To begin to rewire and take charge of the chatter, you need to define your purpose;  why do you do what you do.  Particularly, do you have some goals you would like to achieve?  If you are not aware, the chatter can bring your best efforts undone.

Being in touch with your purpose gives you the edge over your fear – you have something worth fighting for.  You can make this significant conversation work for you, not against you!

The last thing you need is to set a goal and then have your chatter run amok telling you, “Who the heck are you?  You can’t do this!  You’re a loser. Remember last time you tried to <lose weight> <make a sales call> <go for a new job> <have a difficult conversation> (insert most appropriate), you FAILED!”  Helpful little voice isn’t it?

You need to know your purpose, your why.  When your why is strong enough you will push past the fear, you can argue with the chatter and turn it around for your benefit.

A very powerful exercise you can do to ensure you know your why is to imagine yourself in 12 months to 3 years time and having achieved your goal. Write down in present tense, being as descriptive as possible, what has happened, what you feel like, what you see.  This will really help you to create a powerful why.

Once your why is clear and strong enough, you are armed to begin to change the chatter.  In our next installment we will discuss how to challenge your chatterbox, because left untamed, your chatter is a Big Liar.

Until next time,

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time. smilie face