The Playful and Influencing Communicator And Emotion

rba1_03The Playful and Influencing Communicator and emotion.  Let’s just go back and be re acquainted with the lovely Influencing style.

The Playful and Influencing style is one that is warm, fun and engaging.  These guys are all about relationship and having fun.  If you know someone with this style they can range from warm and friendly to zany and the life of the party.

This style does not care so much for organisation, rules, processes, work – it is simply not exciting or fun enough.  As you can imagine, if you work with this style and don’t understand them, you could be having some frustrations.  These guys are very good at motivating and energising people to do the work, not necessarily doing the work themselves.

The most common emotion these guys show is Optimism.  They are very friendly and trusting.  Something they need to be aware of because not every one deserves their trust.

This Playful and Influencing style is all about recognition and are very much about people.  So if someone hurts them, it can cut deeply.  They may not show it though as they usually have so many options, they will quickly move onto the next friendship crucial.

This can actually have a stronger affect on the people in their lives who feel left out.  Don’t take it personally if your Influencing friend is there one minute and gone the next.  They do care, they just need to socialise to stay alive, it is truly like their oxygen.

The Playful and Influencing Communicator really has no idea how fickle they can seem when they move onto something new.  They truly do not mean to hurt your feelings.  So if you ever feel like this, it is important to share with them openly and kindly how you feel.  It is crucial to be kind, they need a warm friendly style of feedback.

When this style is understood they make such great friends and teammates, when misunderstood they can seem selfish and self-centered.  Like all of the styles, we need to understand the differences and work on how we can best unite to bring out the best in all of us.  We all bring something special and unique to the work and home environments.

If you are a Playful and Influencing Communicatorand you feel like sometimes you are misunderstood, why not learn more about your strengths and how others may perceive you?  It is such a great investment in yourself.  You can learn more by reading “The Enlightened Communicator”.  It can be purchased here.  Also keep an eye out for a new service we are introducing shortly on how to understand your style.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.