The Patient and Steady Communicator And Emotion

glue-pixabyThe Patient and Steady Communicator and emotion.  Let’s just go back and be re acquainted with the lovely stabilizing style.

The Patient and Steady style is one that is warm, welcoming, all about relationship and somewhat more reserved than the inspiring or dominant styles.  These guys are all about consistency, predictability and people.  There is no doubt you would have someone with this style in your life as this is the most common communication style.

This style is often described as the glue that holds us all together.  While the Powerful and Direct style is trying to control things and make decisions, the Playful and Influencing style is all about fun, the Perfect and Conscientious style is all about systems and perfection, (more next month) and the Patient and Steady is consistent, caring and loyal.

This style craves predictability, they love processes if someone else sets them up, they will follow the right leader to the very end, and they are committed to their cause.  They will work quietly without the bells and whistles to get the job done.

Don’t expect noise and fan fare.  They are reliable and work to a slower and steadier pace.  They will not cause an uproar and are not likely to speak out against things.  These guys will avoid conflict like the plague, are slower to speak up and want everyone to get along.

In terms of Emotion, these guys can be a hard nut to crack.  They don’t tend to show emotion.  Sad face, happy face, same face. These guys are the poker face of the styles.  Why?  It’s mostly about protection.

This style feels things really deeply, in fact they may feel things the most, however they don’t show it unless they feel incredibly safe and secure. You cannot push this style to show themselves, they have a backbone of steel.  They also do not like confrontation or conflict so will happily avoid it, often to their own detriment.

In the wrong conditions this style has made procrastination and avoidance an art form.

If you are a Patient and Steady Communicator and you feel like sometimes you are misunderstood, why not learn more about your strengths and how others may perceive you?  It is such a great investment in yourself.  You can learn more by reading “The Enlightened Communicator”.  It can be purchased here.  Also keep an eye out for a new service we are introducing shortly on how to understand your style.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.