The Conscientious Communicator And Emotion

P1030198v1The Perfect and Conscientious Communicator and emotion.  Lets just go back and be re acquainted with the lovely conscientious style.

This amazing style is all about procedures, processes and perfection.  The Perfect and Conscientious Communicator works to a system or order.  If there is not a good system they will develop their own system or order.  However, this style will work to someone else’s system or process if they agree with it, or if they see it as correct.  If their work is changed or corrected, they will ask why?  Their work is always completed to their base level of perfection so what could possibly need to be changed?

This communication style is all about getting things right.  If you know someone with this style, they are more reserved and task focused.  They are great at details, probably love stationary, (known from personal experience), and are highly organized in many ways.  They tend to work in highly technical or exacting work environments.

In workshops its evident who the Perfect and Conscientious style is as they are the ones who find any spelling errors or grammatical issues in any handouts or workbooks, (not that there is that many…..).  Gotta love them!

These guys are fearful of their work being criticized, how could they not be when perfection is their benchmark.  Beware of criticising their work as they put a lot of effort into it being right.  It hurts them intensely if they are corrected, especially if it is not done gently.

The emotion they show most often is worry or anxiety, they put a lot of pressure on themselves, you know, to be right, to be perfect.  It’s not easy; in fact it’s impossible.  On the surface this style may not seem to show emotion, they may come across as distant, even aloof, but they feel deeply.

So, if you are dealing with a Perfect and Conscientious communicator, be sure to be kind and respectful when you give feedback, be diplomatic and have your facts and figures straight.  Stop and think, what it is like for them to be expecting to be perfect all the time, what a burden.

Consequently, if they come across as judgmental or overly critical, they are actually trying to help.  It may not feel like it but that is their intention.

If you are a Perfect and Conscientious Communicator and you feel like sometimes you are misunderstood, why not learn more about your strengths and how others may perceive you?  It is such a great investment in yourself.  You can learn more by reading “The Enlightened Communicator”.  It can be purchased here.  Also keep an eye out for a new service we are introducing shortly on how to understand your style.

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Courageous Communicator.  Let’s change the world we live in one conversation at a time.